Thursday, August 30, 2012

Spring and GWT tutorial. Part 5 - UiBinder

After pretty long time we are continuing developing our application based on Spring and GWT.
Earlier user interface and application logic were described in one class HelloGWT. Now we will create new widget for that and describe all user interface via XML with usage of UiBinder.

This post is available in Russian.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Memento design pattern tutorial

When you develop an application you might want some objects to save and restore their states. One way to do that is to send the initial object state to another object. But next problems occur:
  • initial object structure becomes revealed
  • another object might change received state
It is much better to save object state with special container object based on Memento design pattern.

This post is available in Russian.

Создаем приложение с помощью Spring и GWT. Часть 5 - UiBinder

Спустя довольно длительное время продолжаем писать наше приложение, использующее Spring и GWT.

Ранее интерфейс пользователя и логика работы нашего приложения была описана в одном классе HelloGWT. Сейчас же мы создадим для этого отдельный виджет и при этом вынесем описание интерфейса пользователя из java-кода в XML с помощью UiBinder.